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Audi e-tron GT ECU Removal

This manual is intended to help with the removal of the electric drive control module (ASG) before shipping to Redshift Performance. You will need:

  • 45 minutes

  • Triple square 8mm bit (can be supplied open request)

  • 10mm deep socket (can be supplied open request)

  • Flat head screwdriver

Please make sure you have an uninterrupted window of time and available work space to perform the removal.

Do not leave the car plugged in to charge!




Before you start the process make sure to park your vehicle in a location where it can be left without needing to be moved or interacted with for a few days.

Disable smartphone access by enabling "Privacy Mode"in the infotainment system.Take everything that you need out of the car.

Open the trunk.


Lock the car from the outside via the key-fob.

Move the key fob far away (at least 30ft (10m)  from the vehicle (consider removing the key-fob battery). 

Wait for 15 minutes until the car has gone to sleep. All displays on the dashboard should have turned off at this point. Do not enter or unlock the car from here on until the control unit is back from Redshift Performance and installed in the car. This is very important and should not be disregard!


Trunk Hook Removal 

There are three trunk luggage hooks that need to be removed. Those hooks are covered by plastic trim pieces which can be lifted with a small flathead screwdriver from the side with the lip opposite the hook (see image).

The luggage hooks are secured with triple square 8mm bolts. The required bits for these bolts can be provided upon request. Remove all three bolts & luggage hooks and set aside.



Trunk Lid Trim Removal 

Remove the trim piece on one side of the trunk lid by pulling the piece up from the bottom end while pulling the weather strip seal open. Remove and set aside.


Trunk Floor Mat Removal

Pull trunk floor mat towards you. There are two clips holding the floor in place so you will need to pull in a parallel motion for the first part until it comes loose and can be lifted out of the trunk. It might help to pull with your other hand from the hole left by the luggage hooks. Remove and set aside.



Trunk Access Cover Removal

Lift the trunk access cover up from both sides while pulling the weatherstrip seal apart. The cover is secured by clips in multiple locations so work slowly and without excessive force.


Side Carpet Access

Pull the trunk carpet trim from the side closest to the rear access of the car and slowly fold it towards the inside of the trunk. Secure in place with a heavy object.

IMG_3341 copy.HEIC


ECU Removal

The electric drive control module (ASG) is secured with two nuts. With a 10mm deep socket remove the nuts and slide the metal cover under the wiring harness. Set aside. Slide the control unit under the wiring harness to access the connectors.


Remove the gray and blue connectors by pressing the retaining nose (purple arrows) down with your finger nails while rotating the orange hooks away from the center of the module. Slide the connectors out.

Remove the black connector by pushing down the retaining clip (purple arrow) and slide out.

At this point you can remove the entire electric drive control module.


Shipping to Redshift

Wrap the electric drive control module in bubble wrap and package in a sturdy shipping box (e.g. UPS box). Send package to Redshift Performance via next day air shipping.

Make sure not to unlock or enter the car until the control module is installed again!



Reinstallation & Assembly

Once you receive the programmed electric drive module (ASG) back from Redshift Performance you can plug the module into the same connectors located in the trunk .

Reassembly of the trunk parts is in the reverse order of the assembly steps outlined above. 

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