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Secondary/Clone ECU

We now offer a new and optional service for our customers to deliver a secondary/clone ECU along with your original ECU. Please read below for more details.



Send us your original ECU

Follow the same removal instructions (Taycan & e-tron GT) and send us your original ASG unit.


ECU Cloning

Once received we read out your original ASG unit and create a clone software image with the Redshift Performance upgrades applied. Afterwards we program the cloned & modified image onto a secondary ASG module (supplied by Redshift Performance or the customer). Your original ASG stays untouched.

1001265~CORK_EDIT 002-_BRG6798-1080.1080.jpeg


Receive ECU modules

We return both (original & cloned) ASG units back to you. 


Swap ECUs as needed

Plug either the original (stock) or secondary cloned (performance upgraded) ASG module into your vehicle when needed.

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